Hez Wollin, M.A., LICSW

Provider Information/Description: 
1812 E. Madison St, Suite 101
Seattle, WA. 98122

I work from a social justice framework, focusing particularly on issues of systemic oppression and family of origin issues. I specialize in treating trauma and anxiety, working particularly with issues of interpersonal violence. I work with gender non-conforming children and youth, as well as adults and groups. I have many years of experience working within queer and trans* communities, as an advocate, activist, and a therapist. 

I believe that medical transition is an individual process, and I use ICATH standards, but am also familiar with WPATH. I write letters of recommendation for hormones and/or surgeries, and will collaborate with other providers to create a team-based approach to treatment. 
Payment Methods Accepted: 
Credit or Debit Card
Sliding Scale: 
Genderqueer/Gender Variant
Poly/Open Relationships
Provider Type: 
Mental Health Provider
Ingersoll Consult Group Affiliated: 

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