Howard Leonard, PhD

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Howard Leonard, PhD
818 12th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 329-5255 Ext.304

I have worked with several hundred self-identified trans and gender variant clients for 3 decades. I was trained in San Diego and also worked in NY prior to opening my office in Seattle in 1983. I have also supervised and trained many others in this work, especially in the

1980-1990's when there were few providers and nearly no training. I see myself as active in the therapy dynamic, focused on support, guidance and accountability, and humanistic.

I have long followed the evolving Standards of Care and have simultaneously advocated for treating everyone as a unique individual.  I do provide the appropriate medical referrals / recommendations.

I am a Preferred Provider on nearly all insurance panels EXCEPT UHC, UBH and Medicaid.

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Credit or Debit Card
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Mental Health Provider
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