Liz Goodwin

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Liz Goodwin
511 28th Ave. East
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 290-3221

It is important to me to bring a competent lens and skill set for working with transgender and gender variant people. This includes being aware of transgender oppression and talking about that as needed, being aware of cis-gender privilege and talking about that as needed, using my institutional power to support my clients accessing the health and medical services needed to live most comfortably in their gender experience and expression, and to not necessarily make gender a therapeutic issue at all - if it's not what you're bringing into therapy.

I have written letters for hormone therapy and for surgeries. I do my best to stay with my client, be of support emotionally and assist in their being able to access the services they need.

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Genderqueer/Gender Variant
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Mental Health Provider
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