Sar Surmick

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Significant Connections Counseling
2366 Eastlake Ave. East Suite 417
Seattle, WA 98102
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Welcome. In my practice I focus a lot on identity work. Working with Trans* and Gender Variant people has come quite naturally from that focus.

I work from both a systemic (looking at all parts of life and how they impact you) and a psycho-educational (providing good information so that you can make informed decisions about your life and choices) perspective.

In addition to therapy I teach about relationships, communication, gender in all its wonderful forms, sex, sexuality, and identity.
I've been working with Trans* and gender variant clients since I opened my private practice in 2010. And I volunteer at Camp Ten Trees (An LGBTQ Youth Summer Camp) where I work with Trans*, questioning, and genderqueer youth.

I believe that questions of gender and sex speak to the heart of who we our and interact with all the pieces that make up our identity. Working with it, and helping others work with it, is truly rewarding and I believe helps move us towards greater self understanding and psychological health.

I see medical transition as a process, one that has an individual path for each person on it. I use both the WPATH and the ICATH standard depending on the doctor or client's needs, though I prefer the ICATH model. I write recommendation letters for hormone therapy and surgery and will work with the medical team when needed or requested.

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Credit or Debit Card
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Genderqueer/Gender Variant
Poly/Open Relationships
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Mental Health Provider
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