Christina Malecka

Provider Information/Description: 

Christina Malecka, MA, LMHC
1904 Third Ave. Suite 609
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 414-8251

I practice from a humanistic/existential framework focused on client strengths and possibilities rather than deficits or pathology and love working with people who experience themselves as outsiders to dominant culture: creative artists, performers, activists, LGBTQ, trans* and gender non-conforming folks and people who may feel "other" due to cultural or family bias. Using an anti-oppression lens, I strive to be especially sensitive to the ways “isms” and microaggressions impact emotional health and well-being. I am a member of the LGBTQ community and have devoted lots of training hours (many of them through Gender Odyssey) to understanding the complexity of gender identity, gender nonconformity, and trans* issues.   In addition, I participate in a monthly consultation group on trans* issues as well as Ingersoll’s bi-monthly consultation group. While training and consultation are great, I’ve learned the most from listening to my friends and clients who are navigating the gender spectrum.  

I use the ICATH standards but am also familiar with WPATH if a client wants to go that route or is working with a medical provider who uses WPATH.   I do write recommendation letters for hormone therapy and/or surgeries.

Therapy sessions last 50 minutes and cost $110.  I choose not to participate in insurance panels, but can often serve as an out-of-network provider if your insurance company offers mental health coverage.

Payment Methods Accepted: 
Credit or Debit Card
Sliding Scale: 
Genderqueer/Gender Variant
Provider Type: 
Mental Health Provider
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