Jessica Rongitsch, MD

Provider Information/Description: 

Capitol Hill Medical
901 Boren Avenue #705
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 720-9999

I am a primary care doctor for the LGBTQ community with over 10 years experience in trans*/nonbinary healthcare and hormone management. I prescribe hormones based on informed consent/ICATH model but believe therapy is an integral part of the transition process for most people. I strive to educate and empower my patients to help them make informed health decisions. It is important for me to understand my patients' goals and underlying health issues, so that I can help them transition as safely and effectively as possible. I am a strong believer in good preventative care, nutrition, and complementary medicine.


Insurance Panels: 
First Choice
LifeWise Health Plan of Washington
Premera Blue Cross
Regence Blue Shield
Tricare (US Military health plan)
United Healthcare
Sliding Scale: 
Genderqueer/Gender Variant
Provider Type: 
Medical Provider
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